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  • Poems Paraphrase

    They have cut down the pines where they stood;


    The wind will miss the_________ the rain,


    When its silver blind its down,


    They have stripped the bark from the wood.


    Paraphrase : The poetess says that the cruel people have cut down the trees where they were standing. When it will rain heavily and the wind will blow they will not find them there . The people have peeled the trees.


    The needly boughs and the brown


    Knobby nuts trodden into the ground.


    The kind the frindly trees,


    Where all the day small winds sound


    Paraphrase:The big branches which had sharp leaves and the brown cones of pines are trodden into the ground. Animals and humans step on them. These trees were our friends and they were very kind to us. When these trees were standing there and winds passed through them, they produce acharming sound.


    And all day long the sun


    Plays hide and seek with shadows


    Till the multiplying shadows turn to one


    And night is here.


    Paraphrase: At day time the sun used to play hide and seek with the shadows of those trees till these shadows turned to one and the night fell. The poetess has drawn a beautiful image of the day time and evening in the woods.


    They have cut down the trees and ended now


    The gentle colloquey of bough and bough.


    They are making a fence by creek,


    And have cut down the pines for the posts


    Paraphrase: The charming sound produced by the blowing wind through the branches was just like a conversation among them, but after cutting down the trees that conversation could not be heard more. The people have cut down the trees for their private needs like, for making fences by creeks and for posts.


    Wan in the sunlight for ghosts


    The nacked trunks lie.


    A bird nested there _____it will seek


    In vain:they have cut down the pines


    Paraphrase: The nacked trunks lying on the ground are looking pale and weak in the sunlight. There were nests of birds in these trees, but after cutting down the trees those birds will no be able to find their nests i.e the birds have also lost their habitates.

  • Word and their meanings : Hazrat Umar R.A
  • outstanding: عمدہ ، شاندار excellent, marvelous, magnificent, superb, fine


    band: گروہ a group of people who do something together or who have the same ideas


    selfless:بے لوث thinking more about the needs of other people than about your own (opp : selfish)


    dedicate: وقف کرناto give a lot of your time and effort to a particular activity or purpose because you think it is important (syn: devote)


    singleness:ایک ہی the ability to think about one particular aim or goal because you are determined to succeed


    lineage : نسلthe series of families that somebody comes from originally (syn: ancestry)


    fold: ایک ہی نظریات رکھنے والے لوگوں کا گروہgroup of religious believers or group of people of the same ideas or beliefs


    dominion:زیر تسلط علاقہ area controlled by a ruler


    meloncholy: عرصہ دراز تک رہنے والا صدمہ، پریشانیdeep feeling of sadness lasting for a long time


    retinue:محافظ دستہ number of persons travelling with a person of high value


    sway: طاقت ، اثر و رسوخpower,control, influence


    honorarium:اعزازیہ، تھخواہ fee offered for professional services


    custodian : نگران، محافظ a person who takes responsibility for taking care or protecting something; (syn: caretaker)


    hoard:ذخیرہ کرنا to collect and keep large amounts of food, money, etc, especially secretly, save and store


    exhibit:نمائش to show something in a public place for people to enjoy or to give them information; show publicly (syn: display)


    flog:کوڑے مارنا beat severly with a rod or whip


    distinction:امتیاز a clear difference , distinguishing


    stint:کسی کام کے لئے دیا جانے والا وقت a period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity (opp: unstint meaning unrestricted)


    lull:لوری دینا make quiet, to make somebody relaxed and calm (syn: soothe)


    dole: خیرات money paid by the state to unemployed people; distribution of free money


    He has been on the dole(= without a job) for a year.


    offend :کسی کو پریشان کرنا to make somebody feel upset because of something you say or do that is rude


    set out :روانہ ہونا to leave a place and begin a journey


    escort: کسی کو حفاظت میں لے جاناto go with somebody to protect or guard them or to show them the way


    The president arrived,escorted by twelve soldiers.


    utter :کسی بات پر زور دینا (adj) used to emphasize how complete something is


    To my utter amazement she agreed.


    He felt an utter fool.


    utter (verb) :بات کہنا to make a sound with your voice; to say something


    to utter a cry


    she did not utter a word during lunch(= said nothing).


    well-to-do : خوشحال ہوناhaving a lot of money: (syn: rich, wealthy)


    a well-to-do family They are very well-to-do.


    frank:دلیر،بہادر،نڈر honest and direct in what you say, sometimes in a way that other people might not like


    Sayir is very frank with their teachers.


    strict: سختthat must be obeyed exactly


    She left strict instructions that she was not to be disturbed.


    instance:مثال example


    bond: a legal agreement


    coarse:کھردرا، گستاخ 1. (of skin or cloth) rough coarse hands , coarse linen (opp: smooth , soft)


    2. consisting of relatively large pieces


    coarse sand , coarse salt , coarse hair (opp: fine)


    3. rude and offensive (syn: vulgar)


    coarse manners, coarse laughter


    contend:درست to say that something is true


    inspire: کسی کو کسی کام کے لئے تیار کرناto give somebody the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something well

  • Help the others

Unit 1

Short Questions Simplicity and Humility of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW)


Question 1: What is meant by simplicity and humility?


Simplicity means the quality of being plain, without unnecessary or extra things or decorations.Humility means the quality of having a modest or low view of one's importance. Both simplicity and humility are the characteristics of greatness. These two virtues prevent one from being arrogant 

Question 2: Describe in a few sentences the lifestyle of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) in the light of the text you have read. Ans: Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) led a simple life.He was simple in life,diet and manners. He did not consider himself superior to others. He used to milk goats,mend his clothes, repair his shoes and did the household works. Question 3:How can simplicity and humility do away with the culture of extravagance and waste?


Ans : To lead a life of extravagance means to spend money lavishly on unnecessary things. This habit leads to poverty and dificulties.The only solution to get rid of this bad habit is to adopt simplicity and humility.Simplicity and humility help in doing away with arrogance, unnecessary display, haughtiness and price.If we act upon these two virtues, we can feel happiness in the real sense of the word.

Question 4 :Read the last paragraph of the lesson, "Simplicity and humility of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) " with comprehension and write down the main idea and supporting details of the paragraph.


Ans : The main idea of the last paragraph is that we should lead simple and humble life.Such a kinf of life helps in eradicating the social evils like unnecessary display, arrogance and pride etc. A person can enjoy real hapiness if he leads a life of simplicity and humility.

Question 5 : How did Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) treat his foster sister?


Ans : Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) respected his foster sister from the core of his heart.Whenever she paid a visit to him,he stood up to welcome her.Moreover, he spread his own sheet for her.


The Champions Unit 2


Question 1 : What is the significance of the title "The Champions"?


Ans :The word "champion" means a person who surpasses all rivals in a competition.The title "The Champions" is very significant because the story is about a boxing contest in which the winner will be declared the champion. He will then represent his country in World Lightweight Boxing Championship.


Question 2 :What was the dream of Ahmad Ali and Gul Sher?


Ans :The dream of Ahmad Ali and Gul Sher was to become lightweight boxing champions of the world. Both Ali and Gul Sher were fast friends. In order to make their dream true, they worked very hard. They joined a boxing club where they used to go daily.


Question 3 : Why was the fight so important for both Ali and Gul Sher?


Ans :The fight was so important for both Ali and Gul Sher because the winner was to represent his country in World Lightweight Boxing Championship.The fight was scheduled to be held on 14th August. Knowing the importance of the fight, both Ali and Gul Sher tried very hard to win the title.


Question 4 : How did the two friends fight? Describe in your own words in five sentences.


Ans :The two friends climbed into the ring and bowed gracefully before the audience. They did not fight like friends, but strangers. During the fight,both took some heavy blows and sustained damage. They threw punches at each other from very direction.At the end of the final round, they fought so intently that the referee had to put them apart.


Question 5 : Compare and contrast the character of Ali and Gul.


Ans :Both Ali and Gul are good boxers. They are best friends also.Ali is from Sheedi family while Gul is from a Pakhun family.Ali is the better slugger while Gul is the better boxer.Each has a keen desire to become a Lightweight Boxing Champion. In order to achieve this goal,they work very hard.


Question 6 : Is there any conflict in the story ? If yes,describe in detail.


Ans :Yes, there is any conflict in the story.The conflict is between two best friends who are like brothers. The conflict occurs when they have to compete each other to become lightweight champion. The conflict creates distance between them. The conflict gets stronger as the day of the fight comes closer.


Question 7 : What was the effect of the fight on the relationship of the two friends.


Ans :Before the announcement of the fight, Ali and Gul were fast friends.When the date for the fight was announced, rivalry started to create between them.Each has a keen desire to win the fight. For this purpose, they fought like animals. But towards the end of the fight, they realized that the fight was hurting their friendship.So they embraced each other and left the fig ht undecided. Question 8: Keeping in view the relationship of the two friends,is it easier or harder for them to fighte each other? Support your answer by giving references from the text.


Ans : Ali and Gul are close friends. They run and attend the boxing club together.In order to become lightweight champion,they have to fight each other.They are so close to each other that it seems very hard for them to fight.They agree that they will fight each other as opponents but the fight won't affect their friendship. That is why the fight remains undecided. Question 9:Are you satisfied with the ending? Support your response with cogent arguments?


Ans: Yes, I am satisfied with the ending.Ali and Gul were fast friends.A stage comes when the two friends have to choose between their friendship and the competition.They agree that they will fight for the championship but the fight will not get in the way of friendship.When they enter the ring, they fight so savagely that their friendship is at risk. But at the end they embraced each other and leave the ring.

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Grade X English Notes

Unit 2

Q.1: What did the merchant bring to sell?


Ans: The merchant brought some diamonds and pearls to sell. He offered these diamonds and pearls to Al Mansour, the Caliph of Cordova, for sale. The Caliph like the jewels and so paid a large sum of money to the merchant.





Unit 3


Question 1: Describe the scene in the beginning of the story?


It is 10 o’clock at night. A policeman is going up the avenue. He is patrolling and looking here and there to have a vigilant eye on the surrounding. He has a stick in his hand and walking impressively. Cold wind is blowing and majority of the doors are closed.


Question 2 : Was the place a business centre only?


Rana Liaqat Ali Khan Unit 5


Question 1: When did Begum Liaqat Ali Khan learn to care for others? Ans : Begum Liaqat learned to care for others at that time when her mother used to regularly visit a sanatorium in Almora.


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